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  • Cool Bong Benefits
    Post time: 10-17-2017

      With a bong, it offers a smoother smoke. This really is because the smoke will not irritate the throat because the domestic hot water kills off high of the bacteria that will rather be from the smoke. How’s that for an enormous advantage of using a bong. If your bong you use is really a gl...Read more »

  • What Is The Best Dab Rig For Me?
    Post time: 06-24-2017

    How To Choose The Best Rig For Dabs Dabs are next level.  I talk to a lot of herb smokers and they all want in on the game.  Many, however, are intimated by the cost of a rig and torch.  Well, I have good news for you!  You do not need to fork over a lot of cash in order to get into the dab game....Read more »

  • ROOR Bongs
    Post time: 11-21-2016

    Holy tubes, yo! If you don’t know ROOR, you don’t know amazing glass. These guys are the OG water pipe makers, and they’re freaking amazing.   The wonderful thing about Roor Bongs is not only are they made from high quality glass by professionals with months of training, th...Read more »

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